2 comments on “Put Your Heart Into It

  1. “What’s really cool is that your energy will bounce back to you in ideas and reactions from your classroom of creative minds and individual passions.”

    Yes! I’ve seen the magic happen in my own classroom. My students know about my passion for Star Trek, Texas Longhorn football, and Broadway musicals through the posters at my desk, the t-shirts I wear, and the conversations I have with them. They also know about my passions through the blog posts I write.

    Sharing my love of sci-fi, sports, and theater in my ELA classroom has helped me connect with individual students and has made me a more “accessible” teacher to the class as a whole. We are a community of writers, and part of being a strong community is knowing and appreciating each other.

    Thank you for this post, Diane. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and look forward to browsing your blog!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Tracy. My most recent share with students started yesterday with the beginning of my Create a WOW Weebly Website camp. Very small group but big fun in learning together. Love the creativity!

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